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Stepan Bandera Avenue, 20A +380 67 730 57 74 Get directions


Zaliznychne Highway, 25 +380 67 730 57 75 Get directions

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Povitroflotskyi Avenue, 64 +380 67 730 57 75 Get directions


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Securely store your items in our containers:

  • selection of the container depending on the request
  • prompt and high-quality service

Renting a container from us you will receive:

  • safe accommodation
  • physical security and surveillance cameras
  • round-the-clock access
  • storage of office furniture and equipment
  • placement of archives of any volume
  • assistance in repairing or changing the location of your business
Storage of business products by TetrisBOX

Storage of business products by TetrisBOX

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And we will select the desired container size.

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Select date and time

And we will reserve a container for you.

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