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Spare parts storage: conditions and procedure

Storing spare parts is a real art. Each type of part requires specific conditions. And to find the…

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Storage of skis and snowboards

Skiing is a popular outdoor activity. Upon termination of season both amateurs and professionals have to lay skis…

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Storage of things at the time of departure

Going to the journey? Show caring about things abandon that. You planned a journey, checked all documents, bought…

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Storage of building materials

To storage of building materials fully certain requirements are produced. Even ground next to an object and piece…

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50% promotion for the first month

We know, how do you love promotions and discounts , so we have new offer for you! The…

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Warehouse rental for online stores

A popular service for those wishing to securely store goods and personal belongings. Selling different products in internet…

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Warehouse for storing things

Doing household chores or organizing a move, in connection with the purchase of a home, for example, It…

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Warehouse logistics

Warehouse logistics – a list of services that enable efficient inventory management, storage procedures and delivery to the…

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New Year’s promotion

New year it’s a time for presents , so we didn’t decide to stand aside and prepared for…

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Where to hide waste things after office cleaning

Before the New Year, it is more important than ever to make peace with partners, to complete important…

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Black Friday in TetrisBOX

So, what you have been waiting for so long, because the “Tetris Box” company – the best service…

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Offer for offices that have switched to telecommuting

Coronavirus become a reason of many companies sent their staff to work remotely and this is a reason…

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Storage of summer sports equipment in TetrisBOX

Active lifestyle helps to support health, to keep beauty and vivacity of spirit. There are many kinds of…

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What could be stored in boxes and containers

A lot of depends on the offered storage conditions. After all, containers are different: sealed and not quite…

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Advantages of storage rent

The modern rhythm of life is not conducive to a measured and extensive lifestyle. For most residents of…

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Storage rent in Kiev and Lviv from 350 UAH per month

Rent storage for your goods in Kiev and Lviv from 350 UAH per month *terms of the promotion:…

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TetrisBox join to the IT Club Loyalty program

Friends, we have great news for you! TetrisBox join to the IT Club Loyalty program. ІТ Club Loyalty…

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-20% for your item storage for two months

Special offer just for you! Save 20% on your item storage using TETRISBOX service for the next two…

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Storage at selfstorage – the best solution during repair

Storage фе иудаиещкфпу – the best solution during repair

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