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Сервіс зберігання речей TetrisBOX

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TetrisBOX is a modern self storage service for personal and business stuff

You rent a warm, dry and clean room from 1 to 150 m2 with security, video surveillance, 24/7 access

Reliable placement


24/7 access


Convenient location


You can store:

Household appliances

Clothes and personal items

Tires, wheels and parts

]Responsible storage of tires

Responsible storage of tires

Keep your tires with us until next season in a dry warm self storage with physical security and video surveillance.

Cost of service: 600 UAH / 6 months

Home and office furniture

Sport equipment

Various goods


Office equipment

It is easy to find us!

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3 years

Market experience

1100 +

Satisfied customers

7150 + м2

Storage areas

Customer feedback

Tymuk Valentina

Tymuk Valentina

I wanted a very beautiful balcony by the summer, but the sledges, nightstands and other things on the balcony, which I wanted to put somewhere, interfered. I decided to give it all to Tetrisbox self storage. The guys arrived, and they all took away, I was pleased. Now, I recommend Tetrisbox because there is a convenient car access, 24 hour access and convenient place.
Sergiy Tverdokhlib

Sergiy Tverdokhlib

The initial need arose when it was necessary to store things of parents somewhere. We found this service and decided to use it. We really liked the service itself and how everything is arranged in the self storage. After that, I use Tetrisbox constantly. I consider this service as a personal room where I can store my things, including my ski equipment. I like a high-quality approach to the client, the security and location of the storage. Good luck in job!
Maya Baklan

Maya Baklan

We rented several boxes for storing household items and furniture during the repair in our apartment. Loved the location and wonderful manager. He helped to choose the optimal sizes of the boxes so as not to overpay, and he was waiting for us all Sunday in place, since we drove a long time. There is everything clean and well equipped inside the storage. Definitely recommend it!

Video feedback

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